Friday, April 2, 2010

Old friends make my heart go BOOM

For the last 3 years I lived in the Bay Area. I wish I could say that I loved it but the truth is the weather depressed the heck out of me up there. I think they call that SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but there's not really a definitive test for it so I guess I'll never know. Best believe I won't be signing up to live in Seattle anytime soon. It probably took me 2 years to get adjusted to the cold, overcast-ness and gather a small group of friends (most of them co-workers). So really I just enjoyed that last year and the food.

Last weekend, one of my friends (Bex, short for Rebecca) came down here (San Diego) because a friend of hers was relocated temporarily for work. The funny thing is Bex is a San Franciscan (born & raised) through and through. Even though I lived just over the bridge in Emeryville I only managed to see her a handful of times. Most of those times involved Dim Sum. I see her more now that I live in the opposite part of the state from her. Ooh should tell you that I met Bex all the way back in 2004 when I was living in San Francisco and going to Culinary School. We were pretty inseparable. I saw her everyday! Usually she followed me home because she was still living at home. I miss my little apartment in the Haight sometimes.

Anyhoo, Bex has this huge group of friends that she goes everywhere with. I finally got to meet about 10 of them. They were so so nice. Do you ever meet someone and it just feels like you've talked to them a million times before? Well that's how this went. Ooh and they are all so stylish. Wish I was petite and Chinese so I could borrow all of their clothes and more importantly their minuscule sized shoes. I met them in the Gaslamp and we went out to this really horrible bar called, The Fleetwood. I say horrible because it was so, so hot in there. It felt like you were going to melt. I even welcomed escaping with Bex on the smoke deck. For anyone who has never met me I have a serious dislike of anything that involves smoke. I'm usually that one annoying non-smoker friend you have that tries to get you to quit every 5 seconds and reminds you that you are killing yourself (politely of course). Oh and some of the shot/wine glasses they gave us were warm. But regardless I had a great time with the old bestie!

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