Thursday, April 1, 2010

HootSuite anyone?

In working for one of my Retail clients I got a request for demo-ing how to write tweets and manage multiple social network accounts by using, a professional Twitter client that I absolutely love. The how-to screen cast below is really basic but some of my favorite features are scheduling tweets in advance, tweet statistics, and the customizable drag +drop dashboard. One of the things (that I'm sad about) on the Twitter UI is that you can't see all of your twitter lists, @mentions, re-tweets, direct messages and so on in one screen. Which the HootSuite dashboard amends. On Twitter they make you click on different links in order to see that info. Oh and did I mention HootSuite is free? Give it a try if you haven't all ready. Let me know if you have any other how-to videos for Social Networking sites that you'd like to see.

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