Monday, May 3, 2010

Yelp Elite Event at the Wavehouse

I'm one of those snooty people that yelps all the time and belongs to the official "Elite" club. My friends make fun of me for this. But it's really just a cooler way of getting free food at the new joints in town. Many of which I hope I would go to anyways. I dragged my buddy Troy to go with me to this one. Hands down the best food was Berkeley Pizza. It's really similar to Zachary's in Berkeley, CA if you've ever been. It's the ultimate deep dish pizza (Chicago style) with a twist. The tomato sauce layer is on top and the best tomato sauce on any pizza that I've ever had. The owner was handing them out at this event and he was soooo nice. He took the time to tell every single person (that he served) about the fresh herbs that he uses in his sauce and that he uses no sugar in his dough. If you live anywhere near downtown San Diego then you must give Berkeley Pizza ( a try.

Berkeley Pizza on the right, Shredded Pork, Sope (SOH-peh) & Cilantro Micro-Greens courtesy of Soho Restaurant

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