Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New York, New York - Day One

Last week I got back from my very 1st trip to New York! Well it was actually a massive road trip from New York to Chicago. So fun but soo very exhausting. Trust me there's not a whole lot in the states in between the two. A friend of a friend who works as an artists' assistant was driving her artists' car across the country back to Los Angeles where her artist resides for the majority of the year. My BFF (from HS) and I met up in NYC for a couple of days before heading out for the drive. I jumped on the chance to tag along on this trip but I couldn't take enough time off of School to do the whole trip from NYC to LA. I loved New York far more than I planned to. But when I was in Soho it didn't quite hit me that I was in New York. I felt like I was in San Francisco but a flat San Francisco.

Day One - Shopping in Soho

I got all Stalkerwatski with the camera. All the girls look so cute & fashionable.

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