Sunday, August 8, 2010

A good scrub, a dub, dub

Last week I got this insanely cute black romper. My only oversight was how fair (aka white) I am. I could say "How white I am right now" but I'd only be kidding myself. I've been "porcelain" year around since I hit my twenties for a mixture of reasons. I embrace it now instead of taking pleasure from feeling my skin burn in the sun. I got my romper for my upcoming trip to NYC later this month. So a little self tanning was in order. Tip 1 for a good self tan seems to be exfoliating beforehand. So I went on the hunt for a good scrub. I came across these 2 by Bliss & Hugo Naturals (available at Whole Foods Market).

Option 1 - Bliss "Hot Salt Scrub" for $36 is available at Sephora. I tested this one out at the store and it heats up once you start applying it on your skin. My hand was baby soft after using but it was a little hard for me to validate the price tag. If you don't mind the price then I would definitely go with this one. It brings the spa to you.

Option 2 - Hugo Naturals "French Lavendar Dead Sea Salt Scrub" for $17.99. What can I say I'm a sucker for lavender? There is a bunch of aromatic oils (almond oil, jojoba ester, etc.) mixed in with the salt. Your skin will feel fantastic after using this bad boy and you won't need to put on lotion afterwards. Using a salt scrub (vs. a sugar scrub) is supposed to kill toxins. If you haven't figured it out . Yes, I went with this one and I'm VERY happy. Self-tan results pending.

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