Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chrismukkuh Holiday Gift List

So I've been just horrible lately -- I mean horrible at keeping up with my blog . Believe me I do not refer to myself as a blogger to newbies. Well at least not yet. School is just taking up about 75% of my time and work the remaining 25%. The only thing that's been getting me through is that the fall semester end is near! December 15th in fact. Next semester I'm only taking half as many classes as I am currently. So I'm hoping to devote more time to work. I thought that when I moved back home I would enjoy not working and focusing 150% of my attention on my School work. But alas for quirky old me it is quite the opposite. I find I do better when I'm working and my time is crunched. It forces me to do my School work right away rather than procrastinating away my time.

So Black Friday is practically upon us. Most of these goodies I own and am quite fond of for anyone and everyone that I love this Holiday season. I say Chrismukkah because I've celebrated Hannukah since well before I was born. It's a long story but suffice it to say I have an extended Jewish family and I've never minded 8 nights of gift receiving!

Lush Sex Bomb $5.95
Inhale the come-hither fragrance of jasmine, clary sage, ylang ylang and soak your blues away. I've been really into my baths lately and like to up the ante with a pink glitter bath! Check out Lush's bath boms. This one the most popular for good reason.

Jamie Oliver - Jamie's Dinner's Cookbook - $25.16
I've loved this guy for years. I have numerous cookbooks from him and this is my favorite! It's basically a family themed cookbook. It'll keep your dinners interesting! Jamie blends Asian, Italian, and English flavors together seamlessly.

Love Necklace $58.00
My go to necklace by Dogeared. I love how delicate the chain and heart are. I also like the karma necklace version.

Solid Anklets 3 Pack $24.50
I love these in the neon colors or the neutrals. By Jcrew of course.

Three Star Apron $32.00
Anthropologie has an amazing selection of fun and ridiculously cute aprons! I have no idea why no one knows about them.

Micheal Antonio McKey Booties $60.00
So what a steal. Jcrew does a twin looking bootie to this one for $250.00. You won't find a better deal anywhere. The heel is a little high so you or your giftee won't want to wear these to work all 7 days of the week. Pair them with the solid anklets to show you care.

Purity 1 Step Facial Wash $32.00
Really gentle cleanser by Philosophy that one of my Aunties turned me onto.

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