Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Share your Work --- Online

So recently it's come to my attention that my original purpose (e-Commerce work) behind this site has gone by the wayside. Is that even a phrase? So this is my 1st attempt of re-aiming my focus away from things I want to buy. In the past I think my main obstacle (besides time) has been my perfectionism when it comes to anything work related. I'll see a brillant post somewhere start a post about the topic in my mind at the time and never come back. Thinking I have to have more than I need to.

Lately there are 2 sites that I really cannot recommend enough.
1. eConsultancy.com - Frankly there is not enough time in the day to read all the great tips this site has to offer. You can also create your own consultant profile and the day after I did mine showed up on my Google Alert for my name.
2. Get Elastic - an eCommerce blog mainly written by Linda Bustos from what I can see.

These are my favorite sites for sharing my presentations online
1. 280 Slides create basic presentations and export in powerpoint, pdf or open document. You can also import your own presentations & add media from online sites (Youtube, etc.)
2. Google Docs of course. You'll need to use your gmail account
3. Basecamp$24-$149 per month for online project collaboration hosting. Tracks project time.
4. Screenr record your own Screencast with audio and mouse activity. Sign in with your Twitter account.
5. Posterous still trying to figure this site out but it's microblogging made easy. Create an account/site. You then use your email address to publish a post by emailing whatever you want to post (picture, mp3 file, video) to post@posterous.com. You can follow other people's post as well. I don't really see the appeal about this site quite yet? Why not just blog like the rest of us?

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