Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lovely day at Cal State Fullerton

So I finally got to visit 1 of the 3 Schools that I will be applying to in October. In all honesty I have mental walls — put up to block entertaining any notion of attending any School in the Orange County or San Diego area. Yet the more I learn about CSU Fullerton — the more I like it. The major reason I was so opposed to the Orange County area is that I grew up there. I mean my grandma actually lives in Fullerton and the city is so tiny compared to my recent stint in the East Bay (aka San Francisco). While Fullerton does have a "downtown" it consists of 3 blocks all without skyscrapers. Mostly vintage stores and wine bars. Yelp is the only reason I'm not more concerned with the food and other forms of entertainment. But going back to the School now.... pretty nice.

I'm a little excited about the possibility of my School mascot being "Tuffy" the elephant. Not to mention underground the Titan lounge there is a bowling alley & arcade games. Apparently Long Beach and SFSU have this too. So maybe somewhere along the admins of the California University system decided "Hey these kids are paying an arm and a leg. We might as well give them a bowling alley & ski-ball".

During my campus tour I asked our tour guide some questions about why CSUF had such a strong business program. She claimed it was number 1 in the country. Which as much as I would like to believe I seriously doubt. I believe that honor belongs to the University of Virginia. Anyways she suggested that I go to the Business Advising Center to get my questions about the program answered.

The Business Advising center is supposed to be like a transfer center for Business majors only. So I guess CSUF thinks it would be too big of a job for their transfer center to remember the intricate details for all of their undergraduate programs. How nice of them. The only problem is that when I asked my counselor (recent CSUF alumni) what made the program so strong and high ranked among other local business programs she said " It is not my job to convince you to go here". Come again please? It is 100% your job to sell your School/Employer and their services. After all the running of a Business School is still a Business! Marketing 101 make conversion (buying of your product) as easy for the customer as possible. I mean why did she attend the School? If nothing else she could have provided me with those reasons.

Well the 1 thing that she did do right was pass me on to the Marketing department (my major) where I was lucky enough to speak to Dr. Irene Lange, Chair of Marketing. I was pretty shocked that I could just walk in to the head honcho's office and ask her my questions. You can read my take aways from my meeting (more like interview) below.

< Lounge inside the Business wing to the left of this foyer is a Starbucks!

Here is a list of finer points that I wish I had been privy too before my campus tour
  • Listed on Princeton Review's 286 Best Business Schools 2 years in a row
  • AACSB International Accreditation for Business
  • Business wing (Steven G. Mihaylo School of Business) is only 2 years old. So you have the newest technology (smartboards where you write with your fingers) at your finger tips
  • Lecture halls are quite small considering. Teacher to student ratio
  • While CSUF does have a strong Marketing program the Accounting program gains a lot of recognition. Good if your going into Accounting (but not for me)
  • Very green centered campus with the Recreation building gaining awards and some School handouts are printed on being FSC certified
  • Full time semester $1995 + $160 Parking
  • AMA (American Marketing Association) on campus student club for Marketing majors. CSULB also has the AMA on campus
  • The official degree would be a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. You get to pick a area of Marketing. I am leaning towards Internet Marketing

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