Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to Videos for Retailers with Brand Niches

We can all learn a lesson in e-Commerce from Zappos. Not only does the CEO (@zappos) have followers on Twitter. Where he sets precedent for how other retailers can optimize their Twitter practices. But Zappos also has the video channel cornered on Youtube.

So yesterday I got a new order from containing a new pair of Converse low tops. I started tying up the laces which was tricky since there are 2 sets of laces (see to the left). They don't come tied like that in the box but it didn't take me too long to figure it out. But like everything else in our post-google lives I searched for the answer online. I was thinking of the laces that go straight across. I now know they are called "bar laces". I tried going on Converse's web site for the answer to be disappointed that they have no videos on how to tie their laces the "cool" way. Which I found odd. Up until now I have had the impression that Converse is revamping/defining their brand and therefore very interactive online. In fact, according to my inbox they redesigned their web site mid July 09.

When I typed in the search term "how to tie laces" it returned 15 product page results. None of which contained any content related to what I was really looking for. I would think this would be a common thing that the converse buyers wonder about? I also tried searching for "laces" with no video luck. Converse has 3 major top navigation tabs (Buy, Make, Play). Play is basically their on site blog. Definitely a good places for this How-to should they decide to add it. I was shocked at how many videos were online for this subject and all the different ways people have come up for tying their shoe laces "uniquely". Converse, Nike, Adidas hop on board!

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