Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bing's Cashback Program

Bing Cashback
Lists your bottom line (price you will pay) and the % cash return that your Cashback Bing account will receive. I believe you can request your cashback about 60 days after your purchase (the waiting period varies by store) or use your PayPal account for faster deposits. You won't see the Cashback savings icon (dollar sign symbol to the left) once you are redirected to site. But Bing sends you a eMail later confirming your purchase.

I'm going to be interested in learning more details about these transactions. Are the prices higher or the same prices listed on Google? Is Bing charging less than Google for it's PPC? I mean where is this extra money coming from? I'm sure there are some studies addressing these questions. Please share if you have any sources or just stay tuned for follow up.

Shopping by Cashback
This program is really like an added bonus to your already planned purchases. I'll continue shopping by best value (price). But Bing gives you the option (left sidebar) of shopping by their Cashback program.

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