Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shopping Withdrawls... Dresses

Another obsession of mine—really cute dresses. Not a new obsession, more of an ongoing thing. I love really brillant patterns or solid colors with femmey details (ruffles and bows). I am aware "femmey" is not really a word but I use it often. People get the point. I love and have for about a year now. It looks like they did a serious revamp on their site so it's actually easy to buy something now. So many more goodies to choose from, quickview, and way better site navigation. Thank goodness because I'm definitely going to need more dresses with the Southern California heat. Ugh I'm melting by noon everyday.

ModCloth Picks
1. Natural History Museum Dress $117.99 a little more but sooo worth it. Good one for going out.
2. Bahamas Dress $42.99
3. Spring Benefit Dress $79.99
4. Tectonic Shift Dress $74.99
5. Rivulet Dress in Shower $59.99
6. Long Island Dress $52.99
7. Paris at Dusk Dress $64.99 not pictured above
8. Pixelated Princess Dress $49.99 not pictured above

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