Monday, July 6, 2009

Blogger versus Wordpress

So at my former job I managed the company's blog through Wordpress. Back in July 2008 I created my own blog on Wordpress to help me get better acquainted with the platform. Weirdly enough when the extra time in my schedule (to use blogging) popped up I thought of blogger. One would think I would have just updated the blog I had previously created but I secretly heart Goggle (and their products).

So far I must admit that the Blogger interface is much more user friendly to anti-developer users. One of the things that was important to me was the design and the widgets (gadgets in Blogger) available in my blog's navigation. Wordpress had 2 different logins. is for technical stuff like plug-ins, user forums, design templates. is for regular log-in for managing your blog— think Wordpress Dashboard. Whereas with Blogger you have one site to log into and there are NO CHARGES for customizing the html/css code on your site. Wordpress charges users $14.97 per year for Custom CSS. Another annoying feature of Wordpress is that you can only used a template that is already registered with Wordpress.

I won't make this blog comparison spiel too long. In the end I feel like the Wordpress is best for commercial use (search friendly). The default blogger templates are not optimized for organic search. Here's an article I found with the a snippet of code that improves your chances of getting picked by altering order of the title tag text. On the otherhand for personal use I prefer Blogger. The next thing that really bugs me (and I hope Google fixes) is the lack of static page creation. As far as I've been able to tell you have to create a post with a really old publish date (so it is not displayed on Homepage) in order to create a contact page, portfolio page, etc. For a through comparison check out this posting by USC's Annenberg Center for Communications.

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